sunset showdown


Another week flew by.. It’s crazy how fast time flies, Innit?(aussie style). It feels like it takes forever, then poff, the weeks over… Just like that. I’ts been another week of work. But we’ve had some fun too. Thursday we decided to take off early so that Chris could get me going surfin before sunset. First surfsession ever. STOKED! no pictures though.. sorry. next time! It was a lot of fun, pretty cold water (maybe 12-13C) and a lot of hard work. I’ve never been that tired in the water before.. haha. It felt like all I did was paddle, but never got anywhere anyway…! All in all, I didn’t do too bad. Managed to do a bit of everything. wipeouts, got tumbled around, squashed by waves and almost standing up on one! It might not have been typical beginner-friendly water but what the hell… Might as well jump into the deep end on a short board straight away to learn! Right?

Friday was a typical friday. both me and Ramsay were a bit unmotivated at work but we still got some decent amount done. We’ve started putting the siding (outer wall) onto the house and it actually looks more and more like a house now. I’ll get some pictures going. We got off just in time to bring Maddie (house dog) down to the beach for some fun times chasing-everything-we-throw-in-the-water play before the sunset. I imagine life as a dog gotta be pretty fun. Have people chucking sticks into the water while you run after it straight into the wave, get smashed around, find the stick and do it all over again. haha. Pretty easy… While we were down there, the sunset became pretty intense, if not even magical. Only thing missing was a cat..!! =)

Before I left for OZ, I decided to take a summer course in project management. Looks like I learned a lot about planning… Stuffs due next week and I haven’t even started yet.. Looks like I’m in for a full on fun weekend in the sun.. Good for me its raining. And good for you guys that i’m supposed to be studying, because thats when I get around doing all other kinds of stuff. Like editing pictures and update the blog..

Enjoy the Phillip Island sunset.

fred ut.


Sunset: Whaat?! :)

väldigt vackra bilder daniel-san!
angående plugget: det du inte gör idag slipper du göra om imorgon. oroa dig inte baby!

Mjau mjau!!
Katter gillar solnedgångar har jag hört..

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