mt buller fashion show

Not even kidding…

Hang on, we’ll get to the fashion show soon, but before we get to the good stuff I gotta tell all of you about every little thing I’ve been up to this week. Why? Because I’ve been told thats what bloggers do… So first week here has mostly just been about work we work during the weekdays ( i know its kinda weird) and we work all day (weird again) so there hasn’t really been that much sunshine-time left for anything else. Me being a bit jetlagged and not really used to actually be working (thanks mom (joke)) this lifestyle surely has taken its toll on me. The first few days I was just so tired at 530 and probably in bed by 9pm. Ramsay (boss/friend that got me over here) has been keeping himself very busy up until now and he’s done the framing for a house almost entirely by himself. So I just got here for the easy part. Which would be makin sure that everything doesn’tt break loose in the wind, Oh and you probably wonder how do you do that? By hammering nails in. A lot of nails.. Anyways its been a really good week workwise and I’m learning the lingo. We’ve already started the lockup (show off) and will be starting to set out the pots and pans that will be the foundation for another house.

Alright. So back to the fashion show. After a week of pretty hard work (at least I say that) we thought we’d earned ourselves a saturday-getaway-go-snowboarding-fun-day! So we decided to head off to Mt Buller for a day. Buller (pronounced Bhullla) is only about 4.5hrs away… So we left the house at about 5am (we came home from the bar at 2am, of course not the driver though!) and got there at about 930ish. We quickly realized that we weren’t the only weekend warriors that wanted to get a glimpse of the hills that are covered in tit-deep snorkel high pow along with a bluebird sky. So after paying for parking (yes its ridiculous) and making our way to the top parking lot, we snaked a bunch of families in the line for the free shuttle bus (yes, it actually says free on it, that way you know that if you are too wealthy and want to pay for riding up the hill, you take the taxi) and made it up to the village. Yes, the village actually is located UP on the mountain (check pictures) which is kinda funny. I guess everything on the southern hemisphere is going backwards, including the water in the toilet.

After paying $100 for a day ticket (yes Aussies are good at business) we made it up to the first chairlift… People, I am telling you, It was an absolute gong show (retardedly retarded) up there. We didn’t even bothered, we just hiked up to the second lift instead. And woah, were there people everywhere? Yes! Could these people ride? No! We’re these people dressed for snow? No! Did all of these people in the middle of the hill even have skis/board on? No. Haha. It was hilarious. I’ve never seen that many people rocking blue jeans, speedsuits, dishwashinggloves, bunny eards, parkas and skis from the 80s at the same time. And it wasn’t even gaper day.

Despite all the above, we had an absolutely amazing day on the hill. It was sunny and it turned into slush after a few hours. Its not everyday you get to ride bluebird slush in mid winter. We even jibbed up the gummytree or as the boys would try to say in swedish, jiiwba pa ghummitredet! You’re probably going what? What a looser, its called a gumtree, innit?! No my dear friend. It’s not. Aussie schools has for decades been trying to tell the youth a lie. Don’t worry, I will spread the word… Even Ramsay got so stoked on riding a snowboard that he buttered up frontboards, shifty180s and triple corks…He’s officially BACK!!!!! It only took  a bluebird day with some gummytrees to get him there. But now he’s stoked and even talking about hitting up Buckman in New Zealand next month! Stokemania!!!

Today he was kind enough to give me the day off and I spent it very wisely. I rode a push bike all the way into San Remo to do some errands, just to find out that they we’re closed. Haha. Anyways, I rode back to Cape Woolamai and sat at the beach for a long while just watching the waves and enjoying the sunshine. Then I went home and spent the rest of the day on the skypephone with someone that I really, really, really like… A lot.  Wish you were here!

All in all I didn’t get shit done, but it was a really good day.

fred ut. puss!

Daniel aka swedish dan (kinda makes sense)

haha diggar diskhandskarna, ere nästa års kanske?! fan du måste känt dig som hemma där uppe… :)
hur e vågorna då? dags o skaffa bräda snart va??
låter som du har de faboulus iaf, fortsätt så o keep posting!



aarrråå! som ovan säger.. dags att nästa bild blir du i en tub eller riktigt stökig wipeout!=D jävvlar i min låda va folk som gillar snön du! gillart!!

Helt utmattad efter att ha läst hela inlägget. Men det var värt det, rolig läsning.

haha ajjemän! wetsuiten är införskaffad och bräda har jag att låna. nu väntar vi bara på vågor..! its gonna be epic!

gillar att ni gillar! som fan

och att ni kommenterar. keep it up!

fan danne, så jävla najs!

Can someone translate?? I cant read any of this!

Bucky don’t worry they’re all talking about the gummytrees

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