we’re back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with boots.

When I say we, I guess I mean me. But I know you’ve missed me!! So don’t even bother saying otherwise. Some of you probably remember who we are and what we do, but for those of you that don’t: parknpow is a blog/photo/video rockumentary site. This site has offered stories, memories, photos and videos of the fun and not so fun things and travels that I have done over the past years… On the way I’ve travelled with friends and people that helped posting on this site when i had nothing to say. I’ve met a bunch of really, really good people and all that was needed this time around was for one of them to tell me: hey come over down under. Said and done, im leaving for OZ today and its time that we go back online and let you in on the journey.

It’s not often that I leave Sweden during midhighsummer when everyday is offering 25+celcius (for you americans thats alot of Fs…) and it feels kinda weird leaving a paradise like this for winter.. haha. But I’m stoked and I know it’ll be awesome when i get there. Altough there are some special people that i will miss. Alot.. Oh don’t be like that. you know who you are!!

Anyways, i said i was going to winterland australia right? but apparently everyone except for THAI air knows that its winter. When its winter, you need your snowboard. Right? But still they won’t let me bring more than 20kgs in total (which is like one setup of board and gear + a tee, a hood and a pair of jeans) well i need my snowboard and im too cheap to pay overweight (70USD/kilo) so i’ll be doing what I call a Dan Jordy. I’ll be flying in my boots. Literally. Stay tuned for photos! This could be hilarious.

Love you all.
Fred ut


Boom boom, hur länge blir du borta? Ska du inte satsa på en smurbräda istället för banan?


Bra bild!
Sa ju att jag är grym på att fota, behöver bara lite hjälp ibland..

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