…an update!

YES, we are still alive! lots of stuff has been going on since i last wrote here. we’ve been so caught up with our brains thinking have-to.-get-video-for-another-episode that i didn’t even think about posting regular text and pictures here… sorry for that!

thruth is, a lot has been going on… we’ve been shredding almost every day since we got here, but we’ve been fighting bad weather, low visibility and magical hangovers… not even kidding. the amount of sunny days we’ve had were we’ve been on our a game is very few. the amount of sun days in total is very very few… but yep. the few we’ve had, not at all times have we been on our a-game. there i said it, its our own fault! but hey, we’re on vacation!

since last, me and wictor started riding the black park over here. the black park is, as you might be able to figure out, fucking big. big jumps gets bigger the further down you get, rails and boxes are way oversized. yeah, basically everything is BIG! never before have i hit jumps of this size and tang (lip, fjong, height) to it and i gotta tell ya, its fun. really fun, and a little bit scary… we’ll try and show you in this next edit coming up!

we’ve been riding the black park on those few sunny days that there was, then it all turned bad. it started snowing and raining and being sunny at the same time, one run it looks like you’re riding in a giant glass of milk.. everything is white. next run, the sun is out, and the next run its snowing. now these conditions are not the best for filming..thus we haven’t really gotten any useful material at all from the last week… sorry. BUT i assure you, we’ve been having so much fun anyway. haha. :)

oh yeah, we’ve also been riding POW. yep you heard me, POW. we’ve been riding more pow here in Whistler in April and in May than we did in Åre during the whole season.. which is crazy. pow is fun, we got some sick runs in and we even hiked…if you know me or wictor, you’d know that us hiking is even crazier than the fact that its snowing in may! haha. but i gotta tell ya, it was worth it.

we’ve been cruising around with old and new friends of mine. people that have lived here for a couple of years and knows where to go to still have fun even though you can’t see anything at all. its been a lot of sidehits, some pow-turns, laughs, sprays and all different sorts of immature games going on. last weekend we partied like it was 1999 and we did a great job. tomorrow, we still believe its 1999 and the party will hopefully be even better than last weekend. if the parks are groomed, we’ll be in there, that is, before we enjoy a couple of cold buds with buddies on top of the mountain looking over the ever so beautiful valley, having a good time (its only friday once a week)… so fingers crossed that we get some snow tomorrow!!! well i guess, if not, its supposed to snow more overnight, that is more than the 19cms of freshies we’ve gotten the last 24 hours….. so if we don’t get sun, we’ll still be riding pow.. in MAY!!!

stay tuned. time’s running out, but hopefully we’ll have more stuff to share with you in the next few days.. there are videos coming and that is no joke. til then, enjoy this mixup of pictures from the gopro, wictors phone, and my camera. and yeah, please pray to the weather-gods so we get some sun!

take care
fred ut

daniel & willy

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