good morning WHISTLER!

hello people!

thats right, we’re back, with a boom! i know you’ve missed us and finally we’re alive again.

i’ll give you guys a short recap, after OZ, i’ve been spending all my time in a ski town called Åre, in sweden. while in sweden, we’ve been snowboarding and working away like crazy. It’s been a freakin good season too, lots of snow, lots of shred, lots of parties, but we were still lacking something. so me and my buddy wictor made a decision, saying; fuck it, we’re going to whistler to prolong the snowboardseason with a month. we’ll leave a couple of weeks before closure in sweden and we’ll have the time of our lives. so here we are. indeed having the time of our lives! haha!

we got in to canada late night last friday, we landed at 6pm, cruised through immigrations and got our boardbags, which we managed to get on the plane for free! (its not easy being cute), bought tickets for half price, cuz the girl thought we were locals, up to whistler and hopped on  a bus. when we got here, my old buddy Roy greeted us welcome and handed over a beer each, we got the keys to the apartment and went all out partyin.

saturday came around the corner and we woke up to a beautiful bluebird sky, telusfest was going nuts and the entire village was crowded. we got our spring passes, some breakfast and headed up the mountain, shredded like crazy and got used to the sun. had a few beers and kept on riding. saturday night and a big comp was happening, we met up with a lot of old friends of mine that still lives here, watched the comp, then went to a voleurz party at longhorn. we got absolutely smashed (monster-vodkas) and had a fucking good night!

after that, weather went shit, and its been raining/snowing/sunny since. up the hill though, its been snowing, and today we got some amazing turns in knee deep powder. POWDER, cold snow, in end of april, I dont know if you realize, but WE’RE RIDING POWDER AT THE END OF APRIL……!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neither me nor wictor is big on the whole hiking thing, but today we hiked, we hiked the shit ouf of the hiking trails to get some turns. and i finally think that i realized what hiking is about…. needles to say, we had an amazing day in the schizo weather.  sun’s about to come back this weekend and the freezing levels are going up, so that might mean that the park will be slushy instead of concretish…

stay tuned for another update, we’ll keep the videos coming, thats a promise. and my new years promise was to keep my promises, so your in for a treat!

til then, enjoyu this sucker:

fred ut!

swedish dan & the wall

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