last call…

This won’t be the last post here on parknpow,  but it will be a long one… There’s too much good stuff that I need to share, so once again. get your reading glasses on..

WOW is probably the best  word i can use to describe the last few weeks of my life.. Since the last post i’ve seen and done  amazing things with amazing friends. I’ve driven much too long on the left side of the road while travelling the south east coast of australia, I’ve met old friends and new friends, we’ve surfed and we’ve partied. When you’re hanging out with the boys you never know whats gonna happen, not even when you’re in a canoe – being towed after a speedboat going flat out at full speed… haha

I’ll start where we took off. We left Sydney for a place called Wollongong. Wollongong is located a couple of hours south of Sydney and is right by the water. Gotta tell ya, people that have their minds made up about this place, are wrong. We made plans meeting up with friends of mine that i met in Whistler back in 2007/2008. I knew they were good blokes, but the hospitality we were shown by Craig, Ben, Nath and Paul is just too damn good to be true. I truly hope they will make their way back to sweden so i can return the favor one day.

We started off the weekend slowly, played the guitar and sang some songs, talked memories, played pool and darts and just had a bloody good time at pauls monster crib. Saturday it was horseracing time. Craigo made some calls and hooked us up with some suits – you see the boys never do anything at half pace. You gotta do stuff properly when you do it. Beers, betting, screaming, loosing money and just freaking good times turned into a big night out in the city.

Sunday morning Craig and Paul brought their toys out. One speedboat for waterskiing – as classic as it gets – You dont get to drive this boat without a moustache – thats just it. And Pauls tinny fishingboat accompanied with a canoe. Safe to say, we boys were going on an adventure up the river. We drove the boat WAY to fast, jumped cliffs, paddled the canoe, wakeboarded, waterskied and had a picnic. A day I’ll never ever forget! Thanks boys.

When the boys asked us to join their touch footy team it was a no brainer. We prolonged our stay in Wollongong with one day and played some rugby footy. Me and chris had never before seen a rugby football nor even a game.. Haha. Despite our efforts in speaking swedish with everyone and playing full contact style footy – we didnt win the game.. haha. But hey, i might have found my calling.

Mr Ben Wyatt (yep cowboy) had a day off and took us around looking for a car. On tuesday Swedish Chris finally found his match – A toyota corolla with 14″ rims from the year off 2002. Well what can i say, its a perfect match innit? :D We got shown some prime spots around wollongong but the weather was once again not on our side so no surf there.

At this point, we were a bit stressed for time. I wanted to be back on the Island by friday to sort my shit out before my flight home. So with that in the back of our heads we decided to drive south along the coast – towards melbourne, instead of driving north to tropical paradise. The surf forecasts looked alright so we booted down to some good beachies. Spent the night in the car (yeah two grown men with packing slept in a corolla.. hahaha) Right at the beach.. Once again, story of my life, the weather turned shit… So no surf.

We booted down further to a place called Merimbula, found a hostel, went to the movies for a quiet night, then surfed in the morning. Good weather, OK waves… too bad I cant surf. haha. Then we just spent the rest of the afternoon powernapping on the beach, enjoying what I would describe as a good swedish summer day….

We made our way back to the Island for the weekend and boy was it a weekend. I’ve never ever been hurting as much as i did saturday morning… Don’t know why.. haha. Dicko, Minirat, Christine and Hannah all came down so I got the chance to say good bye for now. Despite a continuation in the shitty weather and absolutely no surf on the island, I had a fucking great time..

Craig, Nath, Paul and Ben – I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and will to show us a good time. I will never forget Wollongong or the fact that it is one of the better spots i’ve seen in Australia. All I can say is that it was fucking sweet! I really hope we’ll see you boys over here next summer so we can do it all over the swedish way!!

Chris Ramsay and Bucky. Big shouts to having me over. Without you ramsay my trip wouldnt have been possible. The fact that this man went the extra length go give me a job and a roof over my head for the duration of my stay says a lot about how good of a guy he is. I might forget about the rain and pounding winds during the days we were working on that roof… But my mind will savor all the other moments… Like when we went surfin, snowboarding, bought shirtas kegs, hung out at maeve fox, went to the footy and the lacrosse and when our talks about whatever allowed me to realize important stuff about myself and who I am. You’re a good person and an even better friend!

Swedish Chris. Thanks for coming over and travelling around with me for the duration of my vacation. We had some really really good times and I sorta wish i hadn’t gone home… haha. Take care and travel safe my friend! See ya soon!

There’s too many of you to mention in here, but once again i’ll pull out the classic line and write, you know who you are! I’m lucky too have gotten to meet all of you!!

As of this moment, I’m back in Sweden, and this update is late thanks to Jet lag insomnia.. Sorry for that. Despite the lack of drive thru liqour stores, pies and pre mixed wild turkeys life home is pretty good… Not everything turned out quite the way I was hoping.. But hey, I guess thats life.. No hard feelings.. By now I should know that nothing ever goes according to plan anyways… So from here on out, I’ll just do what I do best and  wing it..

The more i think about it, I realize that my time in Australia has been more than EPIC. OK, the weather was bad, we worked a lot and It wasnt all happy times. BUT in the end It comes down to the things I’ve done  and the people I’ve met… I am one incredibly lucky person to have all of you as my friends.. Not that many people can go halfway across the world and still feel at home! Thank you all for that.

since i like sunsets…

love you all,
swedish Dan

men fett du haft det då dude! jvvla skönt att ha dig hemma dock.=) rikitift cleana bilder å go läsning har du bjudit på iaf brorsan! älskar när ni var å kolla hästar, haha fy fena vilka sköna outfits. carnmark ser ut som johnny knoxville i lords of dogtown på pricken. classclassclass haha. hörs

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