Woah, I’ve been busy lately, so i guess this will be another book (yaaai). Anyways..

Thats it… Last friday i laid down my nailbag/ tool belt!!! And I’m officially on vacation, not sure if its a deserved one. But fuck it, I’m taking one either way. Haha! So at least for now, I’m done with almost falling down from unfinished balconies (sorry mum) and my hands surely are cheering tho they know that I most likely wont be hitting them with my hammer, or cut myself on sharp things for the next few days.

Back in the other week I did go and pickup my friend Cristoffer. The drive itself went perfectly fine… As usual, I did end up being late (or wait, I was actually counting on the plane to be a bit delayed, now thats planning folks!) and forgot the maps I printed. The roadmap itself provided by mr Ramsay.. Well, I left that on the kitchen counter. Haha. Anyway, I made it easy.. But actually FINDING the car in the parking garage afterwards was way way harder than getting there… I thought it was pretty funny, Cmark.. After 20+hrs of travelling wasnt as amused. Haha. 20 minutes later and another $10 in parking fees, I realized that I was actually on the right floor, just in the wrong section, and we bolted back to the island.

So chris, or Swedish Chris as he now formally is known as, got a quiet week adjusting to the jetlag and whatnot while me and Ramsay kept working.. We almost had enough time to finish off the stages on the different houses we’ve been working on. And on friday, my last day, we even cut it a bit short. We, or the best boss in the world (yes thats you ramdogg) figured that work will be there monday, but the waves might not. Pretty STOKED on getting back into the water, since its been too long, and even tho i didn’t do any good, I still had fun. At least I’m swallowing less and less water nowadays so i guess I’m doing something right….

Then we decided on a city surf trip for the weekend… Or more a westcoast surftrip (western side of the big bay surrounding Melbourne) …Bells beach here we come! Since I’d never been to the west coast before, and certainly not to any famous surf beach ever, I didn’t know what to expect. Surely, I got a bit disappointed.. Since Bells, like any other wave, is just a break… and not as terrifying as in Point Break … But we still got to se the city of surf magic. Torquay! Torquay is the land of promised dreams, where the surfshops are bigger than the average car dealership, where surf dreams are fulfulled and crushed every day, and where everyone, grom or oldie carries a board around.. But I promise, that if it would have been pumping, I would have had some photos of me and Kelly Slater battling for some waves… Unfortunately, it was a bit flat that day (bummer i know)

We definately got plenty of surf on anyway. Friday, Sat and Sunday x2… and you can’t really ask for more than that. Monday we missed out on some waves, but actually had some time off to do other stuff. Like hooking Swedish Chris up with a board, thanks Bucky! And I once again misjudged and thought we had enough time for me to fix whatever i needed to. Pack my stuff and ship some of my snowboard gear home, sort out my tax situation and stuff, but as always, I was wrong… Before we knew it, we had to jump back on a bus and go up to Melbourne. So right now, I’m not really on top of anything. Tax, baggage, gear… Its all down on the island still.. Haha! Ah… i’ll figure it out as we go.

Then we spent the night at Matt’s, one of swedish Chris friends house. And we were in for an Aussie style BBQ and some beers, followed by sneak premieres of a couple of next years snowboard movies. Good stuff! Then we actually did some touristy sightseeing stuff in Melbourne too… We went and looked at drop bears, kangaroos and dingos. No babies were eaten, but it was still pretty cool.

Then we once again got a bit stressed (seriously, whats up with our lack of planning skills?) and rushed to the airport. Caught a plane up to Sydney, where we’re at right now.. And thanks to our personal swedish/finnish guides (cmarks friends from home), I think we did Sydney in one day.. party, sightseeing, ferrys, operahouse and Bondi Beach. Thanks for showing us around girls! Then we winged our way up to the northern beaches of Sydney. Where we will be spending the night, head up mega early (maybe) and try and find some waves. After that, the plan is a bit unclear. But what we do know is that, either tomorrow or friday, we are heading down to a couple of mates of mine. Boys that I haven’t seen since Whistler 3 years so need I say that we’re mega stoked on that?? We don’t know how long we’re staying there or what we’re doing afterwards.. Pretty sure we’re in for some damn good times! And after that all we know is that we want to surf.. All we got with us is one backpack and one surfboard each… So hopefully we’re in for some pretty good stuff! One way or another, we’re going surfin’ somewhere in this country.

For those of you that don’t know yet, I’ve got about two weeks left here before I head back to Swedenland. I’ll do my very best in trying to keep this blog updated with tasteful pics and worthless information as I always have… but I won’t make any promises.

so check back soon for some more text and a shitload of photos. Til then, enjoy yourselves, I know I will.

miss you all!
fred ut & puss

Välkommen hem på måndag!

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