running out of time

OH YEAH! we did go to the snow. Did we really deserve to skip work and do so? Do we really care? haha! Going to the snow over here is a bit of a mission. Alarm goes of 0440 AM (yep you read it right) 0440 the car is leaving, with or without you, at 0600 you’re in melbourne, pickin up whatever shredders you can find roaming the streets at that time of the day, 0930 you’re at the hill. by 1000, as you are roaming the groomed slush of mount buller, the sun i shining, the music is pumping, your friends are everywhere around you and your face is one big smile. long story short. you’re screaming of joy.. I’m unsure if i really need to elaborate on how good of a day it was.. but I’ll do it anyway. IT WAS GOOD! we were a good crew having a really good time, snowboarders surfers and bikeriders for once enjoying the same sport! It was a day without fashion shows (ok there were something going on) and without lift queues.It was so good that we even got a bit crazy and pulled out the good old backfliperoos!! PROOF (sorry for the bad quality)
There is more footage and I will do another small edit as soon as possible. Promise!

After a big day at the snow its pretty much straight to bed, then you wake up SORE and realize that you haven’t done that many underrotated backflips to stomach slides in a long time. Sorry mom!

Then you realize that its grand final day. Grand final day is big over here in Victoria. Aussie footy means as much as soccer and icehockey
combined for us swedes… so its a pretty big thing. And you enjoy this pretty big thing at the brown pub. Why? Because they have free beer between first bounce and first goal, then everyone in the pub gets a player each, and a free beer if he scores. Lenny Hayes, I take back everything bad I said.. Haha. Well. The game started at 2pm and ended at about 6pm. But we didn’t. Me and Ramsay had our own Guitar Hero concert, patio doors open, speakers blasting and we were rocking out with our neighbours slightly less impressed than we were…

Right now, I’m going to the airport and picking up one of my best friends from Swedenland, mr Cristo Carnmark. I’ve had some sweet times in OZ so far, but work is on the schedule for the this week out, and then we’re going on adventures for two weeks before I head home. It’s gonna be good. All we know is that we’re visiting friends, surfing and going wakeboarding and everyone is welcome. That is, if I make it to the airport. I don’t really know where I’m going, or how to drive on the left side of the road… :)

Check back soon for some good stuff!


Hola señor Jordy,

Sorry for not dropping by your website in a few weeks. I’m glad to see you’ve been managing this thing called consistency as for the publishing of topics. good job! work ethic…

Impressive big kahuna of a backflip I must say. flying HIIIGH! stoked.

i’m gonna keep enjoying my sunday….

see you soon.

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