Since the last post was longer then all the harry potter books put together, i’ll try and keep this one short.

I know I might have promised some action photos in the end of the last post, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disappoint you.. Due to really poor surf conditions (we’ve only gotten one session in since last week, and it wasn’t a very good one…) there is no photos off that. And due to rain, wind and sunshine at once there’s not even any point in skating… Sorry. However, what I have in offering, is much more exciting than any surf or skate action photos… Thanks to Beck at Tangles for hooking me up with a proper summer cut!

WORK is the only activity we’ve been able to take part of in the last week and a half.. Good thing about working a lot is that you get in on the working man perks. On fridays, you get a free knockoff drink of any choice at the brown pub (if i haven’t told you before, there’s two pubs around. The one building is painted in white (white pub) and the other in brown (brown pub) just to make life a little bit easier!

At the pub, the word got out that I’ve spent all this time in OZ and not yet enjoyed a proper aussie cooked lamb roast (i know, unacceptable behaviour chef ramsay) so, in exchange for some handy-man-house-work (which I promise will be done), our wonderful Robyn at the pub decided to cook for me and ramsay! Hands down, the best dinner I’ve had in australia! Thanks Robyn!

Now I’m done and its time for bed. We’re on the final stretch work wise and I got about 1.5 weeks left of working time, which means that we gotta do everything we haven’t gotten around to do so far. However, we deserve some time off for recreational activity, so on friday, we’re hopefully going to the snow!!! After that, there may or may not be some good footage and photos on display here.

Til next time, If you really really want it, I’ll write another book.

See ya soon!
fred ut & puss

Klart att vi vill att du skall fortsätta skriva. Saknar dig här hemma. Var rädd om dig.

Vilken frisyr! Stiligt.
was it ramsay who showered youre hair? Looks like hes pretty psyched about that thing.

ha haaa snip snip snip!!! Look forward to seeing that snow footage, I though by now the snow had all melted.

It looks like I’m cutting with my eyes closed, whoop yeah super skilled cutting techniques!

Haha yeah simon i gotta say, he was pretty stoked..

Yeah Beck, its all about the super skilled cutting techniques. See ya soon for some snowshow!

Hey Dan!
Whats wrong with you?! Youre just getting more beautiful every day… Im almost falling in love over here, and Ida wouldnt like that, hehe

Naah, enough with the gayness, nice haircut tho…

BTW: I sold a pair of EG2:s to Felix Loman so watch out if you think about rocking yours on the hills of Åre this Winter, You wont be alone =)
BTW2: Way nice Backflip in the other post!
Take care dude,

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