yes we did…

…n’t go fishing… BUT we did end up going to the city last weekend! And was it nice? Yes. Was it raining there too? Yes. Was it raining A LOT? Yes. Did we have fun anyway? Yes we did!

Do I have any supercool photos from this weekend? No, not really. Why? Well. Melbourne might be quite fun. But it’s not really beautiful nor is there exactly mega-cool-fun-sightseeing stuff to take photos off everywhere… And even if there is, i missed it. But not even the japanese are running around with their cameras so I think I’m good.

It was a pretty quiet weekend, at least for being in the city and all. Friday was spent with a nice thai restaurant dinner and not even a visit to the pub. Saturday however, first a trip to my swedish roots! IKEA. Yeah I know I’m a nerd. I haven’t been away long enough for it to even count. But still swedish meatballs is always good…. or maybe not Ikeas. Haha. This makes no sense at all, does it? Anyways. I’m not a shopping kinda guy thats keen on strolling around in a shopping mall if im not buying anything (who is?) and neither is Ramsay… So we did what we had to do in a hurry. Enjoyed some Dammsugare & Chokladbollar (or as Ramsay would say newgrboller) and it was nice. And i got tempted to buy some swedish sill & kalles kaviar. But i didn’t. Kinda regret that now..

After doing important shopping stuff all day we deserved some city-life time. Once again we invited ourselves to Christines & Hannahs place in the city and got the party started. Dinner with Luigi and a pig.. Party with parts of the Lacrosse team, attending hugging school, and Kebab for fyllekäk! Bra skit!

Then Sunday we we’re back to doing important stuff. Apparently The Queen Victoria Market is a must for every tourist in Melbourne. And now I’ve done it, so I can check it off my list. Food, meat, meat, meat, veggies, veggies, cheese, cheese & cheese & stuff… Good thing we had our french madame Marin with us to guide us. I’ve never seen so much crap in my entire life… haha. Maybe only at the Bonnamarknad in Staffanstorp. But still, thats not even cutting it close. Of course I ended up buying some of this crap… haha. A good day and a pretty sweet market.

It seems like i’m moving on up in the world. Last weekend when we went to the snow, we slept on the floor in an unheated wooden shell. This weekend, we started out camping on the floor, inside a nice and comfy heated apartment in Melbourne (see it gets better and better). Then on saturday I managed to climb all the way up the ladder and snake the couch! YEAH!. All in all. Once again, a very good weekend in the city!!

Spring is supposed to be here by now, and today was the first day that I actually believe that. It’s been raining like crazy over the last few weeks and big parts of Victoria (state) is flooded.. Wettest and coldest winter in 12 years is not as fun as it sounds. We’ve been blessed with sunshine and no winds for the last few days and unfortunately we had to put the outside work that needs to be done befor surf. I did however manage to get a glimpse of the surf in yesterdays sunset.. Nothing crazy and not really wonderful conditions, but nice light. And I gotta tell you, I’m itching to get back out there again. We all are. Hopefully we will be soon enough. It’s too bad we need to work…

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