if i got a dollar…

…for everytime i hit my own finger or hand with a hammer, or whatever tool that might be in use , i would’ve been rich by now.. Not even kiddin, And i mean very rich. Unfortunately.. it doesn’t seem to work that way.. I keep doing it, but haven’t really seen the big bucks yet. But don’t worry, its so much fun even without the money that I’m pretty sure I’ll keep doing it anyway. I might just let you guys in on a picture of the looks of it too, just so you can join and laugh at me like every other aussie builder do.

The last month has been crazy weather wise, from the roof on the house we’re working on, I saw the biggest waves i’ve ever seen (you never see waves from the roof, ever) and it was crazy. Not really feeling the urge to die just yet, and neither did anyone else on the island, so unfortunately there’s no pictures of people going off on these waves.

Since we got back from last weekends snow trip there really hasn’t been that much going on. On monday, a couple of days too early, we actually thought winter was over. It was nice, sunny and warm and we actually enjoyed working outside. But then on wednesday, when what officially is the coldest and wettest winter in 12 years, supposedly officially was supposed to be over… at least according to the news & the spring calendar… we once again were proven wrong by mother nature.

Anyways, we did some outside work to create a foundation for a new house we’re starting, and you really don’t want it to rain when you do this… The work involves running in the mud and digging holes in the ground. Haha.. Well, things never go as planned, but we’ve been over that before (last post)… And it usually turns out alright anyway. And today, when we finished it off we had some luck with the weather. Today consisted of what probably could be the most primitive work task i’ve ever done within building things; fill a wheelbarrow with concrete, run it to where its supposed to go (yes, actually run) and dump it in the hole..then you do it all over again. All day, about 100+ times. Now, a couple of hours and well deserved beers later, my body needs some sleep.

Sorry for the content thin and unfunny post. Looks like we’re in for another weekend in the city. And judging by the stats so far, I might just have a good story or two to share when I get back…!

For now, enjoy the pics of hard working men at or around work. And I know the picture quality sucks, I’m just too lazy to drag my big camera around. ( And yes I like sunsets.. a lot) =)

take care, miss you all & fred ut

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