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I like to think that I enjoy planning and that I’m good at it.. But in a good way, I’m not… So when we on late thursday last week realized that it’s been snowing like crazy and that more snow was coming, both me and Ramsay knew that we weren’t planning anything for the upcoming snowtrip that we decided on then and there… All we knew was that Mt Hotham volunteered to be the host for our adventure and that Fergdog & Smitdog reserved seats in the car. So on late friday we headed off for the snow and a solid 80cms of snow supposedly made its way to the slopes over thursday/friday night.. You could at the very least say that we were stoked!

And 6 hours later we’re fishtailing our way up the mountain road off Hotham, a road that goes up the mountain, on the mountain and down the other side for what felt like hours and hours. And why where we not driving responsibly? Because according to Aussies, there’s no challenge in engaging the 4 wheel drive when its icy, you just drive a 4×4 so they don’t make you fit chains!

We made it up there at about 1am and sorta realized on the way that none of the people anyone knew at the resort answered their phones nor was the hotel lobbies open = no place to stay… Thanks to the veteranship off Smit & Fergdog (another aussie observation, no matter what your name is, your nickname is very likely to be something-dog. Why you ask? Me too haha.) we got in on the legendary tales off THE HUT! The Hut is wooden shed with windows, used by x-country skiers as lunch-shelter, located up near Hotham Village. Or at least it was back in 2003 when the boys made their last visit… Lucky for us, it was still there. Because no matter what you think, 4 dudes crammed up in a 4×4 is not as cosy as it sounds.. Under no circumstance are you allowed to spend the night in this uninsulated, unheathed woodenhut. So we dodged the busdrivers and the resort cars and made our way inside. And i’m telling you, it was cold. Thermals, socks, ski pants, jacket and beanie INSIDE my sleeping bag-strings-pulled-so-tight-you-cant-even-get-your-arms-out-even-if-you-wanted-to and it was still cold.. but thanks to fergdogs innovative ways to heat up the air inside his own sleeping bag and the entire room, we survived the night.

Saturday morning came and we woke up to a bluebird sky, or i guess we never really slept. We made our way to the pow, hiked for a bit and got some fresh untracked turns. No 80cms… (really surprising since resorts never lie in their reports) but knee deep dry powder accompanied by sunshine will make you smile no matter what they’ve promised! We got in on the FREE catskiing for a couple of runs, then the sun heated it all up and the snow turned into spring slush. Can’t really ask for anything more… powder in the morning then soft groomed pow in the afternoon.

Came saturday night, we’ve managed to run into friends of friends that just happened to have 4 spare beds in their room… Sweet! Guess that we once again proved that there’s no need for planning.. =)

Then we did it all over again sunday, except for no fresh powder and a very bad hangover. All in all, It’s been a long weekend and probably the most expensive ski trip i’ve ever been on, even with the hut. But riding with friends, in pow on a sunny day…. You can’t really ask for that much more. I’d say that there are friends on a powder day!

We’ve got about 2 more runs of video footage so there might be another video dropping soon. Until then, enjoy the small amount of pictures that we did get. Sorry for not stopping and taking more photos, riding is too much fun! Now. I need to catch up on some sleep so check back soon!

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