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Remember when I told you about how i noticed that aussies prefer aussie stuff ahead of everything else? (yes I assume that you guys read all of this crap) Well now I’ve done more than just seen it. I’ve lived it. A game of Australian footy with a lot of Australian beer accompanied by Australian meat pie… Thats it, that’s what aussies live for.. And i gotta tell you, its pretty damn good! =)

We started off the weekend just where I left off on the blog (if you haven’t read the last post, do it, watch the movie and give me comments of how awesome we are!!!!!!), hurriying to get to Melbourne on time for a footy game. We got there late. Story of my life… Anyways, a game of footy is probably describable as a mix of soccer and rugby (probably not according to aussie people, but this is a swedish blog so thats what you get) if you want to know more than that, google it! The arenas are HUGE, for all the swedish soccer fans out there we’re talking bigger than Malmö Stadion. Unfortunately for you guys my planning and packing skills don’t work under pressure, so I forgot to bring my camera to the game.

Friday went on and since its only friday once a week you gotta do it properly. We decided to do melbourne the untraditional way, so we skipped the 5 story nightclubs and headed straight for the hearts of every big city… The pubs. We found what probably could be one of the best bars ever, The Maeve Fox. A place where cityfolks can escape their ordinary life to enter a world where you can guess the jellybeans, buy cheap beer, get a worth response to your salespitch-of-all-times and actually hear a laugh for your awesome jokes. Good stuff.

Saturday we continued on the aussie streak (figured since i’m here) and went to a lacrosse game hosted by our co-host Dicko’s old club. Turned out that one of the boys in the team, Meatball, celebrated his 250th game for the Eltham Panthers, and when you do that, you get to drink free beer at the clubbar for the rest of your life. How do you celebrate this? You buy a keg and let everyone else drink free beer all night!!! Good mates, free beer in your own bar for the night. Even better stuff!

Sunday Dicko and Ramsay felt that I had to do even more touristy stuff so we headed down to the beautiful suburb of St Kilda. A visit to Luna park and live shows from Crocodile Dundee. Biker gangs and patios. And finally the Espy. Ending the weekend with good mates and a cold one while watching the sunset from one of the most worlds most famous party-lets-get-fucking-smashed-patios.

Now we’re back to reality. Apparently no one finished work for us while we where gone (is this the real world?) so we’re in for a treat. More rain and winds coming our way, lets just pray that its offshore so we can try to surf some more! Thanks to Christine and Hannah for letting us stay at your house. And thanks to the Eltham family for letting Dan the Swede in!!

Whoa. A lof of text. hope that didnt burn your brains out.

And hey! don’t be an anonymous stalker like the rest of us.. as my buddy Ocke would have said: life is not a library, make some fucking noise..!!! don’t forget to leave a comment.. even if you don’t like what you see!

Enjoy the pics, see ya soon!

fred ut.

det är så jävla roligt att läsa om hur du har det! pussen

Bra jobbat dänny, tagit mig igenom bloggen nu och gillar vad jag läser! Fast egentligen tycker jag att det är förjävligt att du hela tiden ska flytta iväg när jag är hemma. Riktigt bra bilder iaf. Blir kanske för mig att dra dit och jobba nästa år när man är färdig.

Jag gillar att ni gillar! Fortsätt gilla och fortsätt berätta att ni gillar!!! Hörrö Maxx, vi ses snart igen, då jäklar ska vi byta stories och den store mzungo ska få berätta allt om hjärtoperationen han utförde utan redskap, i Kiwoko. Can’t Wait!

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