snow day

What do you do when you’re working outside and the rain just pours down on you? In the normal world you’d probably just suck it up and keep on working, but in the land of the OZ its different. Over here you get to do whatever you please, or should i say you get to choose between two options. On the one side you have the magic table stacked with money and on the other the magic mountains filled with white gold… Tough one? Not in my world.. :)

Enjoy the result of the two-runs-of-battery-life-at-the-magic-tit-deep-powder-filled-steep-alpine-terrain-massive-park-resort-of-mntBawBaw.. Even if you for some weird reason don’t (why would’nt you, that right there is magic..) We did!

What are you waiting for? PRESS the oversized playbutton. You know you want to!

or download this file instad BAWBAW

Now we’re in for a weekend in the city. And im late. As usual. This movie may or may not work, I don’t have enough time to stay and check it out. I’ll do my best to get it working, if not it’ll be working when i get back. And theres more pics to come.

I haven’t been on the streets of Melbourne yet.. nor have I watched a footy game, nor have I spent nearly enough money, nor have I seen more than 10 people in a gathering since I came to Australia. Maybe i will be mind-blown to the point of no return and never come back. Or maybe I’ll just get sick of millions of people trying to drive a car and be longing for Phillip Island and its world famous surf breaks without any lineups.. I’ll let you know.

fred ut & PUSS!

jag är sjukt avundsjuk. här är det storm och lilla w är sjuk vilket leder till noll sömn och frustration.

dan the man! sweet edit=) gillar speciellt din claim fail å han efters epic claim. du måste lära av dom där grabbarna! pz

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