By now i’ve been on Australian soil for little over a month… Time rolls by quickly, but I thought I’d share some of the things i’ve noticed so far..

When people meet and greet, they always repeat after each other… A typical everyday meet could sound like this..

- Hey you goin?
- Good thanks, Hey you goin?
- Good thanks. What are you up to?
- Not much mate. What are you up to?
- Not much mate.. And thats it. Haha.

Everyone eats lunch at bakeries, and there’s bakeries everywhere. Its pies, pastries and rolls everywhere you look. And they call everything in a bun for a roll.

Aussies likes everything from Australia. Everything else is shit. Or at least not as good as it would have been if it originated in OZ. This applies to anything from beer to cars.

Everyone likes footy.

If any Aussie hesitates on doing anything, you call em a pussy (pardon my french) and they gladly accept and do whatever they need straight away to prove that they in fact, aren’t pussies!

Australian winter in southern australia means A LOT of rain and wind.

People at commercial building sites don’t work when its raining (read anywhere where the union has it say). Unluckily we don’t get paid until the jobs done, so we work anyway.

Driving on the left side of the road is sketch.

And once again the week was filled by work.. I’m starting to think its about time that I stop writing that before you all get bored, anyway. Weathers been bad. As in real bad. Windy windy windy and a bit of rain. But that doesn’t matter Since I am an hardcore swedish viking and Ramsay wants to be a norwegian one..

Its been bad surf conditions all week, we considered paddling out anyway, but when we saw the waves and currents flapping around in every direction possible, we came to our senses and realized that we would drown if we even tried. We managed to get one session in saturday morning, Ramsay and another mate Dicko was absolutely slaying it while i, once again, struggled around paddling and wiping out, making other people wipe out and just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Haha.

Besides that, We had the first hungover day in a long time (yeah we’ve been undrunk for quite some time now) but yesterday we managed to spend half a day at the pub and i guess that equals quite some beers. We started planning what probably will be the best roadtrip ever. And we came up with some really really sick ideas, however I will tell you more about that a another time. Anyways we spent the day visiting a place called the amaze ‘n things. Yes! it is exactly what you think it is. A place where amazing things happen…I know its retarded. I can’t say that leaning floors and megamirrored hallways accompanied by weird things is the best for a hangover. But it was fun anyway.

Tomorrow we might take things into our own hands and go snowboarding if its raining. After all, we’d rather be snowboarding then working in the rain.

The photos are from a session last weekend, first time me taking photos of surfers so don’t get your hopes up. And a few pics from the crib.. We used to have a kitchen table, and a lot of paintings… But then the only Girl in the house moved and we have those things no more. Feel free to send me some stuff to put on my walls! =)

If you haven’t seen “The Drifter” With Rob Machado. Watch it… I think I need to go to Indo with a surfboard, get a bike and drift away…

fred ut.
miss you.


Hahah nice rum du har fått!
Skøna kontraster med snowboard och surfbærdan brevid varandra..!

Btw kunde inte sluta tænka på den goe kaffe-romen efter du skrev det så stått å drømt mig tillbaka till nyår hela dagen :) Great times!

Vet inte om du læste det men det ær några damer som blivit utslitna i disken och dom vet inte nær dom kommer tillbaka, sånna skador brukar ta lång tid om jag inte tar helt fel.. tænk om du och jag kunde få ta øver diskeriet hær på båten. FETT! ett ønsketænkande, men inte omøjligt! Let me know when your planing to get back!

just de hørde med wictor wall och loui och det verkar som dom skall tilbaka till åre før en sæsong till.

your friend

go bräda du införskaffat, hoppas surfen går bättre o bättre! ser fram emot att få höra mer om road-trippen..

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