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It’s saturday night and I’m beat. My kingsize bed awaits me.. But first things first, its update time!! weeeo!

Once again the workweek has ben full off work (still find it pretty hard to grasp) but i guess i am now a part of the harsh world people live in. Haha just kidding. Working is actually pretty fun, when its not raining, or cold, which it has been this entire week. Weather was even so un-inviting that we spent thursday finishing up some indoor work up in the suburbs of Melbourne. Pretty sweet getting out of the rain. Then yesterday friday we were back with the beach view working away again, once again we had a kinda mellow friday (hey its only friday once a week!). We ended up taking off a bit early and going on a hunt for waves, bad conditions all over the island and we were out of luck. Ended up spending the night watching “busting down the door” and getting super stoked on surfing! Watch the movie and learn about surf history!!

Today it was all about going surfing. First me and ramsay got identical surfdude haircuts (you only ride as good as you look, we’ll be rippin it thanks to Beck) then we decided to try em out in the water… ! Found some pretty good waves around a spot called Surfies Point. Sweet conditions with sunshine and 11C watertemp.. Not really beginnerconditions today either, but last time went pretty good after all (i didnt drown) so we thought what the hell? lets go for it. I did a bit better today, sorta stood up a few times, I feel that im getting closer and i think Hawaiis northshore and pipeline wave might be it this winter..! Besides that i once again got smacked and tumbled around quite a bit, its like being in a giant dryer. up down inside out bang bottom ouch water oops bye bye contact lense!

Ramdogger once again paddled circles around me and even went back to the beach and got my waterproof point and shootercamera. Besides playing around trying to get some pics he got a couple of good waves and he did too go for a couple of runs in the washer.

Tomorrow, its either the snow or back into the surf. Either way Snowboarding and or surfin and drinkin beer all on the same weekend… guess life’s pretty good!

Photos courtesy of Ramsay

fred ut (or as ramsay would say freddutt!)

swedish stan

…and thats the story of how Dan Dan the Drywallman pulled the old switcheroo and became Dan the Siding guy? or what kind of trick are you pulling off workwise?

Hehe im more than a bit jealous over here in Norway… two more weeks of work here then back to school. My brother is checking in on Quatar Airways as I speak, so Oz is the new Malmö I guess =)

Har du tid att snacka nån dag ? Vore skoj att höra av mannnen, myten, legenden, Slackern(?!) skicka ett mail,

Ha det gott man! Looking good on that surfboard!

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